Two very impressive sets of stats, though Tendulkar's are the more so. I wonder who among current young players has the best chance of eclipsing them by the time they reach that age? Root and Williamson are both 25, though England probably play more Tests than New Zealand, and Steve Smith is 26.
It's a tough one! Root and Smith average 55+ and will probably play more Tests than Williamson, who has scored the most out of them but averages just under 50 (they range from 3310 to 3895 runs). Root is also 145 days younger than Williamson. And although they're completely out of the reckoning, Tamim Iqbal has 3118 at 39.46 and is nearly 27, while Kohli has 2994 at 44.02 and recently turned 27. Of current players, only De Villiers came closest to Tendulkar and Cook. He had 7606 at 52.09 (98M, 162I, 21C, 36F) last March.
Ponting had 8253 at 57.71 (100M, 166I, 28C, 32F)
Kallis 8033 at 55.78 (102M, 172I, 24C, 40F)
G Smith 7760 at 49.42 (96M, 168I, 23C, 30F)
Jayawardene 7478 at 51.93 (95M, 155I, 22C, 30F)