"Current Music" - music to your ears, indeed. :) Kohli has of course been brilliant, but Erasmus's umpiring has also been outstanding. On a difficult pitch for the umpires, I don't recall a single wrong decision. (Unlike Oxenford, who got a couple badly wrong today, but they were put right thanks to the DRS.) And Erasmus is only umpiring in this match because of Reiffel's unforunate injury, so had minimal time to prepare himself.
Absolutely! My final exams begin tomorrow, so it's been a pleasurable soundtrack during my study break revision. I missed the bad decisions by Oxenford today but thank goodness for DRS. Yet another good quality about Kohli, he's set the wrong about India's previous attitude to DRS right with this series. However, was it the BCCI's decision not to use HotSpot in this series, or is there a consensus that the technology needs improvement? I haven't been keeping tabs on it after some of the controversies attached to it from a couple years ago (if they can even be called that)! However, two thumbs-up for Erasmus. Do we also know if Reiffel is okay?
Yes, Reiffel seems to be OK. Nowadays they are, rightly, very cautious if anyone has been concussed, which is why he was stood down for the remainder of the match.

Regarding Hotspot, I think it was BCCI's decision, but in previous series I think there have been occasions what an obvious edge for some reason didn't produce a hot spot. Now that the Ultra Edge (aka Snicko) graph comes up much more quickly than used to be the case, I don't see a need for Hotspot anyway.

I think think England can take some consolation from this series, in that they have competed rather better than Australia, SA and NZ have managed in India. They have also, almost by accident, seemed to find the players in Hameed and Jennings that they needed to solidify their top order.

But well done India, who have been excellent.
Oh that's good about Reiffel! Yeah, the rules for concussed football players has also gone down the super cautious route. For the best, I think. Pity, the memo hasn't really reached across the Atlantic and its own form of football.

Yeah that's a fair point about Ultra Edge. And it is Snicko, okay, I did wonder about that. I guess they're brand names of similar technology belonging to different companies. I guess Hotspot would useful for those small subset of instances when there's doubt about bat hitting paid or bat hitting the ground, like the Stokes dismissal.

Agreed! I have heard it in some quarters that even if England had won the first match, India would've won the next two but I'm not so sure. The margins at this level are actually quite narrow, even if the outward statistics suggest otherwise. Cook was being Cook in pursuing his cautious approach in Rajkot on Day 5, when a bolder captain might've sensed a rare Test victory for a visiting side in India. However, after what'd just transpired in Bangladesh I don't entirely blame him. Hameed is a fantastic talent and I look forward to watching him in the decade to come.

Thanks! Delightful as it has been, I would've preferred a more tightly-fought series. It will be interesting to see how Australia fares in a few months. Though our real test now lies in winning series in England, South Africa and Australia, all three of which have eluded us since 2007. This team has potential but I still wonder if we've got the bowlers to take 20 wickets more than once in a series.