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If David Foster Wallace penned cricket scripts, they'd've been titled, Kohli as Religious Experience

What I wrote on 25 April 2016:

"The Indians are playing a lot of shorter-format matches in the first half of this year, but they've got 14 Tests scheduled from June to December. Kohli is the only player who averages over 50 in ODIs and T20Is. My biggest hope for him is to become the first to average over 50 in all international formats. He currently averages 44 in Tests and if he can keep up this form and translate it into the longer-format, there's a chance of that happening."

After his latest marathon effort at the crease and with a match to spare, the Indian Test captain averages 50.53. In a year where the political and sporting outsider has challenged the orthodoxy, one legend-in-the-making has offered a constant reminder of all that is still well with the established order and the greatest iteration of its greatest sport. Thank you, sir, for the entertainment. Long may it continue!

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I'm not sure that last sentiment is entirely shared by those of us supporting the visiting team! He's a wonderful player, though, and if we must lose then I'd like it to be to -- as it currently is -- a clearly superior team with someone like Kohli at its heart.
Ha! Thanks for sharing that. It is most satisfying when his performances are acknowledged as such by the opposition. In some ways I wonder if the Kohli-led Test team is an indication of what a KP-led team should've been before it fell apart almost before it began. There are so many impressive qualities about Kohli but one of my favourites is the maturity that has developed without any seeming loss of aggression and intensity. There was a quite a long period when I was worried that he would remain as rude as Ponting could be in his pomp, but he seems to have found a way to control himself and remain a energized control freak at all times. And after Jimmy's ungracious bombastic talk last night, some of us are dying to see how Kohli responds on our next tour of the Isles. :-)