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Read-Only Mode

Some time on Friday afternoon, my Livejournal account was placed in read-only mode which meant I couldn't create, modify entries or leave comments. I didn't receive any warning or notification. I filed a suspension inquiry and within a few hours received the following response:

"Thank you for your inquiry. Your account was placed in readonly mode when one of our anti-spam systems flagged it as a potential spam account. However, a review of your journal shows this was incorrect. I have now removed the readonly status from your journal. I apologize for any inconvenience this situation caused you."

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm just glad they responded fairly quickly and restored my account. I also asked why the system may have automatically flagged mine up, but they didn't respond to that. I wonder if it's because of my twitter-feed.

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It hasn't ever happened to me, and I don't recall it having happened to anyone else on my flist. Maybe it's the high number of links that your twitter feed includes that triggered it. I suppose spam accounts would also tend to have a lot of links, in their case to the sites that they are trying to advertise. (Though I would have thought that the chance of anybody stumbling on and going on to read posts on such an account must be tiny.)
Thanks for your reply John! Good point about the links - I didn't think about that, or make the connection with the twitter feed. That's the most plausible reason so far. I recently switched my settings so that my twitter feed entries are public rather than friends-only. I concluded that was why it hadn't been flagged earlier. Or perhaps their system is new. I guess I don't mind it happening as long as they respond in a timely fashion like they did on Friday.
I haven’t noticed anything... but then, I also haven’t tried to post anything to LJ in over a week.

So I s’pose that if this comment goes through, that will answer that question...
Heh. Thanks for letting me know! So far I've heard of it happening to one other person on someone else's friends-list, so it seems (only?) two out of six have been affected thus far.
I've been good. Afghanistan.... hasn't been doing so well. They've closed the university a week early, which is nice for the vacation... not so good for the country.
Oh that's too bad they've closed the uni early...though if contributes to a longer vacation, or an earlier one than expected, that's not a bad alternative! Glad you're well. :-)