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Virat Kohli - master of the chase

26.95 - 1st match innings (HS: 119)
72.16 - 2nd match innings (169)
25.55 - 3rd match innings (96)
60.81 - 4th match innings (141)

41.23 - 1st match innings (138)
61.22 - 2nd match innings (183)

35.22 - 1st match innings (90*) [EDIT: After today's 89*, he now averages 40.16 in 1st match innings.]
91.80 - 2nd match innings (82*)

Those are his averages in each innings of a match. The figures in ODIs and T20Is did not surprise me as much as the 2nd and 4th match innings in Tests. And what a contrast with the figures in 1st and 3rd innings - how similar the averages are for those 2 innings. I'm yet to find a batsman who matches this trend across all three formats in 2nd innings (I compared with Root, Williamson, Smith, Amla and De Villiers). After Kohli's match-winning knock against Pakistan earlier in the tournament I wondered if we would see teams winning the toss and choosing to field against India. Then he went one step further against Australia. Does it seem as far-fetched? Kohli has over 900 runs in ODIs and T20Is this calendar year already.

Another stat to savour on: at exactly the same age (27y 147d), one Sachin Tendulkar also had 25 ODI centuries. However he needed 249 matches @ 42. Kohli's done it in 171 @ 51. Considering the Little Master is widely regarded as (one of) the greatest ODI batsmen, Kohli is well on his way to emulating the chap who inspired him. Which explains the rather fitting homage he paid to paaji (big brother) in the match against Pakistan.

Finally, here are the win percentages for the Test-playing nations in all T20Is so far:

62.67 - India
60.00 - South Africa
58.01 - Pakistan
56.02 - Sri Lanka
53.29 - New Zealand
51.82 - England
51.72 - Australia
51.36 - West Indies
33.33 - Bangladesh
24.50 - Zimbabwe

Given that Steve Smith averages 21.55 in T20Is, perhaps it is not all that surprising Australia have been a lot less successful in the shortest format. And perhaps the rankings don't lie either. Kohli and India top their respective categories. For now...

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Kohli's not the worst bowler in the world, either.

In the end, who won the semi-final was decided by a matter of inches on three occasions: those two WI wickets that fell to what proved to be no-balls, and Jadeja's foot just clipping the boundary marker before he could release the ball, to turn what would have been a brilliant catch into six runs. Anyway, my condolences.
Thank you.
Indeed! I had a funny feeling Dhoni would give him an over and the final one as well. As you pointed out, we only had ourselves to blame after putting runs on the board. Though to be fair, at the end of our innings my gut instinct was 30 runs short of par. But then Gayle was removed and I thought we could make a match of it, which we did. In fact we ended up making a meal of it. That said, we had yet another perfect example of on-field umpires basically refusing to monitor front-foot no-balls unless it was a wicket-taking delivery and referred to the third umpire. One wonders how many other no-balls there were that weren't called. Though this would apply to both teams, perhaps we rode our luck even more than the two wicket-taking examples. Jadeja's foot clip was unfortunate but unavoidable, so I don't blame him at all for that. Should Dhoni have kept a sweeper when Jadeja was bowling it short outside off? I think so. Oh well. We were lucky to get this far after the inexcusable capitulation by Bangladesh, so this was really a bonus. We were then treated to two Kohli specials and that's a moral victory in itself AFAIC.

Despite the result, I'm really looking forward to the final. This England team is very exciting! As sumptuous as Kohli's traditional strokeplay and running between the wickets has lit up the tournament, so too has the invention and audacity of the England top-order. I think the selectors have finally understood that you need T20 specialists mixed with the format-transferable genius of Root to succeed in ICC tournaments. It's early days but I think we can expect a lot of this bunch in the next few years. Good work on whomever was responsible for securing the next Champions Trophy and World Cup in England. Perfect timing. The Eden Gardens pitch will probably take a bit more turn than the Wankhede, so hopefully that'll work in England's favour.
Re: Thank you.
One wonders how many other no-balls there were that weren't called.

I was thinking the same thing. Missed no-balls could easily decide the result of a T20 match, whereas in a Test Match it will only matter once in a blue moon. I'd like to think that someone will point this out very forcibly to whichever two umpires are officiating in the final.

It's a pity that it won't be an England v India final, as playing against India at the Wankhede would be quite an experience for the England team.
Re: Thank you.
Missed no-balls could easily decide the result of a T20 match

Precisely. On the one hand I can see it from their perspective. Who wants to be an umpire making the wrong decision resulting in a free-hit that decides the result? But a workable solution needs to be found. Perhaps something like goal-line technology with a watch buzzing if it's a no-ball.

England v India at Eden Gardens would've been tasty. I'm still hoping for an England v India final at Lord's in 2019.