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Bloke From The Big Smoke

politics, history, language, music, sport, travels and more

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Kwabená Píèsíe
A wannabe polymath. Third culture kid. History buff. Trivia nut. Economics and Law graduate. Sports fanatic.

Playing out a childhood dream in the world's greatest city.

Day 5 of the 1st Test between England and India at Lord's Cricket Ground on 25 July 2011. Living the dream.
60s music, 70s music, 80s music, a.r.rahman, afterhours, airplanes, airports, ales, ali g, altermondialisme, amy macdonald, antique maps, anything british, anything indian, atlases, badminton, bbc radio 2, bbc radio 4, bbc radio 5 live, bbc world service, beethoven, bollywood, bookstores, brian matthews, brit flicks, britcom, cabin pressure, chennai, chess, chrome, cider, clare in the community, coldplay, constitutional law, cooking, coupling, cricket, current affairs, dance anthems, desert island discs, desi music, dry wit, dubai, economic history, eddie mair, edm, etymology, facebook, fantasy football, flickr, flute, football, football weekly, full moons, gandhi, gigs, gis, guinness, hignfy, hinduism, hookah/shisha, humanism, idevices, incense, indian classical music, indian food, indian writing in english, indo jazz, infected mushroom, international education, internationalism, internet bookmarks, karaoke, keir hardie, key chains, left handedness, liberal democrats, libraries, linkin park, liverpool fc, london, long conversations, mahabharata, mangoes, mcgill university, montréal, moral maze, mozart, music festivals, nehru, newsjack, nffc, oasis, old hindi songs, old tamil songs, oman, philosophising, pmq's, poetry, postcards, radical centrism, raga rock, railways, rajnikanth, reading the news 24/7, robert elms, roberto baggio, roger federer, rum and coke, sarcasm, satire, social liberalism, social networking, sounds of the 60s, spotify, srt, steven gerrard, strawberries, tabla, tamil, tamil nadu, tck, tennis, the beatles, the beeb, the grauniad, the hindu, the killers, the kinks, the news quiz, the raj, the thick of it, this week, today programme, tony benn, toponymy, torrents, trivia, twitter, useless information, violins, wanderlust, west end musicals, western classical music, wikipedia, wimbledon, world cultures, world fusion, world history, yes (prime) minister

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